Top 3 Free Business Consulting Themes for 2016

Your company’s offline reputation is shaped by its headquarters, past and current clients, assets, and more. Fortunately, things are much easier in the online world, and having a fully functional, great looking website will help you win clients most of the time.

Your site is the first thing your clients see when they discover your business. And it’s easier than ever to create a great looking website these days! Simply slap a great looking theme on a bland WordPress installation and you’ll be set. Read on to discover our best business consulting theme picks.

1. Globaly

The Globaly Business Theme is 100% free, and yet it looks really good and has a set of premium features.


First of all, it is fully responsive, adapting its size to your visitors’ screen resolutions. Then, it is fully editable, allowing you to set up and activate or deactivate various template elements, set font sizes, styles, etc.

This free WordPress business theme also supports various post types and formats, including galleries, audio and video posts, and more. It’s also gotten a WPML certification, so you’ll be able to translate its content into other languages without problems.

It also comes with over 80 shortcodes and access to 600+ Google fonts, multiple color options, custom widgets and a theme customizer. And have I mentioned that it has a built-in backup system and is SEO-optimized? You can tell that I’m pretty pumped up, but this is a fantastic free theme, so go and download it right now!


2. Consultant WordPress Theme

Consultant WordPress Theme comes in two versions: free and pro. Its “free” feature set is somewhat limited in comparison with the theme above, though.


So why do I like this theme? First of all, it’s a minimalist theme, and this may be exactly what you are looking for. It’s also mobile-friendly and integrates social media sharing options.


3. Law

The Law Theme was created for lawyers, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to set up a different consulting website. In fact, you’ll only need to change a few pictures to set up this theme for your particular needs!


Its only drawback in my book is the lack of mobile features. It’s a pity that its developers haven’t made it responsive yet, but I really hope that it will happen soon, because I simply LOVE the way it looks! Not to mention the powerful slider and the built-in social media integration features.


Key Tips to Manage WordPress Site Security

These days everyone talks about WordPress’ vulnerabilities. And why wouldn’t they do it, when lots of websites are hacked on a daily basis?

Take a good look at the graph below; it shows the number of hacked WordPress vs Drupal sites.


So is WordPress such a bad CMS? Not at all, according to researchers at WordPress happens to be the most popular blogging platform in the world, so it’s the perfect target for hackers.


Sure, there are 40x more hacked WordPress sites in the world, but there are also 22.5x more WordPress installs vs Drupal installs. This means that WordPress is only 40/22.5 = 1.77 aka 77% more prone to hacking in comparison with Drupal!

Now that we have gotten this out of the way, let’s see what are the easiest way of boosting WordPress security.

1. Use a strong password. One that has at least 15 characters, uses capital and small letters, numbers and special symbols. Resist the temptation to use regular words, separating them with numbers; most hackers use dictionary-based brute force attacks. Go to this site to generate a strong password, and then write it down in a notebook.


2. Don’t leave directories open. Hackers will try to get into your system by making use of any security breach.

3. Make regular backups. Keep your site backup up by making use of one of the many free WordPress backup plugins – BackUpWordPress, for example.


4. Keep WordPress and its plugins up to date. It is true that new WordPress exploits are discovered on a weekly basis, but the team behind our beloved CMS fixes them fast! And with WordPress auto-updating itself, it’s much easier to keep your site secure these days.

5. Use a good WordPress security plugin. Actually, I can think at two plugins that do the job: iThemes Security and Wordfence Security. I have tried them both, and they do a great job, but I tend to prefer Wordfence, because it has a larger set of features and uses less memory.


Install your favorite security plugin, go through its tutorial, and then activate all the features that harden your website security. Then, be sure to scan the site regularly.

Use these five tips and I promise that your website is going to be much harder to break into.